Senior School Classes

"@ Winton PS"

The senior class at Winton P.S is made up of Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 students. The emphasis in this class is to offer a stimulating, safe and happy environment where children can grow and develop to their highest potential. We have a commitment to nurture confident lifelong learners in a friendly classroom with a major focus on developing and building on existing literacy and numeracy skills so that students are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need for their future schooling.

The senior class has a variety of ages and abilities and all students are catered for their individual learning needs. The classroom program is differentiated so that different learning styles, abilities and interests are catered for.

Another important aspect of the senior class is the child’s social and emotional development. We follow the Program Achieve philosophy teaching the 5 keys to success. These are Resilience, Persistence, Getting Along, Confidence and Organisation. This program perfectly complements our bluearth program which addresses the following critical areas of student development. The ability to concentrate and remain focussed on specific tasks, self-confidence, cooperation, awareness of others, a willingness to accept new challenges, improving behaviour/choices and a desire to attend school on Bluearth days.

The children also join in specialist classes of LOTE-Indonesian, Art, Library and Music. They also take part in the Kitchen / Garden program from Foundation through to Grade 6.