"Art @ Winton PS"

Winton Primary School is fortunate to be serviced by the King Valley Mobile Art and Craft Centre Van, which is based at Moyhu Primary School.
Each class receives an hour and a half lesson once a fortnight by an Art specialist teacher.
The students use a variety of media and processes to transform their individual ideas, thoughts and experiences into artistic products, with skills and techniques developed cumulatively over time.

The Visual arts program enables the children to have hands on experience creating artworks in a variety of forms using an array of materials and equipment.
Arts elements and principles are explored in the areas of Drawing, Painting, Printing, Collage, Mixed Media, Digital Imagery, Modelling and Construction.
Students’ create work for different purposes and audiences and have the opportunity to have their artworks displayed at a number of venues, such as their school, local festivals, hospitals and art galleries and to enter art competitions.

They learn about Art from other times, places and cultures and study works by famous artists. The students develop an awareness of Art in the world around them and its significance as a means of communication and self expression.


"Classroom Music @ Winton PS"

The Foundation-2 and Year 3-6 students have classroom music once a week for 45 minutes. The sessions include vocal/choral warm ups and songs, understanding basic notation, movement activities and using tuned and untuned percussion instruments. All of the students learn the recorder while the Foundation-2 students experience dances from around the world and the Year 3-6 students learn basic guitar chords and strumming techniques. Classroom music is a great session of learning, listening and making music through fun and interactive activities.


"Indonesian @ Winton PS"

The students at Winton Primary School participate in a one hour Indonesian session each week. For the junior students the focus is engagement and building on their fundamental language skills. A range of hands on tasks, songs and games are used to foster each child’s enthusiasm. Then in the senior grade students are able to progressively build on their language skills and become confident with speaking, reading and writing in Indonesian. Students explore cultural differences through a range of experiences such as art activities, traditional games, dances, songs and cooking.


"Blue Earth @ Winton PS"

The key to the Bluearth Approach and the reason it is so successful is the focus on the students' experiences as a result of participating in each activity.
The Bluearth coach seeks feedback from the students throughout the session drawing on their feelings, reactions and thoughts that resulted from their participation.
Students are not told what is right or wrong, rather, through skillful guidance and questioning a range of powerful messages are reinforced. These include: Honesty, Fair play, Consideration for others, Cooperation and Challenging oneself.